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Sunday, February 22, 2015

12c EM Express NOT working - sec_error_ca_cert_invalid

Many of you knows Oracle deprecated the EM db console  [ EMCA ] and introduced EM Express in 12c..

I have Oracle enterprise linux 6 in VMware and successfully installed 12c release 1 but seems to be when I open EM always got "sec_error_ca_cert_invalid" in my firebox. 

I was thinking this could be hitting BUG so I have applied latest bundle patch in 12c but still got same error

By looking 1943645.1. This error was hitting bug in firebox 31 & 32 release.. So this workaround was solved my problem.. 

Thank you.

PRVF-0002 : Could not retrieve local nodename


When I try to install Oracle 12c release one on my oracle Enterprise Linux 6 virtual machine below error reported. 

PRVF-0002 : Could not retrieve local nodename

Whats is PRVF-0002 ?  When you install 12c R1 from Oracle universal installer [OUI] its perform basic checks including hostname & networking confirmation. 

In my case hostname NOT configured properly in /etc/hosts. So I made changes like below and then installation went fine. 

Thank you.. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

DNS Configuration for 11g R2 Grid installation


As I said earlier I was not in touch with blog / other forums due to business reason.. now I got little time touch base with you all.. 

I am back to oracle forums and my blog.. there are up coming oracle events , post I am going to share with you guys.. 

Thank you all..

NOW I want to share DNS configuration in my 11g R2 vmware 10 workstation..  This would be high level configuration between your vm.. 

Pre-Request for DNS configuration in VMware

I am going to share 2 node RAC configuration for DNS in RHEL 5.10.. So I have 2 guest vm and here is my configuration below.. 

Public IP
Private IP

Once you have VM with above configuration you need to make below configuration for DNS. 

1. /etc/hosts - 
2. /etc/resolve.conf 
3. /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
4. /var/named/chroot/var/named/<>.zone

As I said, All I did DNS configuration by using above configuration and please make sure you should have this changes in your all nodes. 

Note: I post above details from my techlab system for 11g Grid installation in test machine.. If you don't have DNS domain server then you can try for DNS file configuration. 

Please feel free to reach me for questions.. 

thank you all, Babu