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Saturday, June 21, 2014

DNS Configuration for 11g R2 Grid installation


As I said earlier I was not in touch with blog / other forums due to business reason.. now I got little time touch base with you all.. 

I am back to oracle forums and my blog.. there are up coming oracle events , post I am going to share with you guys.. 

Thank you all..

NOW I want to share DNS configuration in my 11g R2 vmware 10 workstation..  This would be high level configuration between your vm.. 

Pre-Request for DNS configuration in VMware

I am going to share 2 node RAC configuration for DNS in RHEL 5.10.. So I have 2 guest vm and here is my configuration below.. 

Public IP
Private IP

Once you have VM with above configuration you need to make below configuration for DNS. 

1. /etc/hosts - 
2. /etc/resolve.conf 
3. /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
4. /var/named/chroot/var/named/<>.zone

As I said, All I did DNS configuration by using above configuration and please make sure you should have this changes in your all nodes. 

Note: I post above details from my techlab system for 11g Grid installation in test machine.. If you don't have DNS domain server then you can try for DNS file configuration. 

Please feel free to reach me for questions.. 

thank you all, Babu

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ORA-03111: break received on communication channel

I have seen this communication break channel error in one of my database. By doing all analysis about this error. I have learned few interesting things and wants to share with you all. 

First I would like to Thank Mr Roy blog. This blog was clearly explaining about commutation break channel error.

But being Oracle DBA, I want to share few more things. 

As Roy. The communication break channel will occur few possibility's. 

   a. Network timeout between application server and database server. 
   b. SQL Query cross the specified timeout value from web services like tomcat Or JDBC connection. 
   c. Or if client JDBC Thin driver use lower version to compare the oracle version then you might need to upgrade the JDBC Thin driver. 

Example. Your database running and JDBC Thin driver use lower version then there should be some bug from Oracle. There is one patch recommended by Oracle and needs to apply into JDBC Thin from you're client site. 

But based on my experience by increasing the timout value from JDBC Thin statement timeout and Apache Tomcat timeout value only help to avoid the ORA-03111 communication channel break error but this will NOT help you out the real problem. 

The critical / Onair application the SQL Query execution should be < 1 min [ For example <=30 Sec ], If this query takes more than >=30 sec then you should get this error.. 

Please have a look your AWR , ADDM reports and find the if any SQL Query takes more than 1 min .

Please let me know if your thougts and feedback. 

Regards, Babu

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Out of blog for Sometime..

Hello Blog Readers,

I'm completely NOT Touch with my blog. If you have any question in oracle drop mail to me.