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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ORA-06553 : PLS-213 : Package Standard Not acesible

ORA-06553 : PLS-213 : Package Standard Not acesible

Error acessing pacakate DBMS_Application_info

Today we got this error in produciton box; User not able connect database.

Action for this error:

This error occur in-proper database/server goes down; Once database comes up; some of sys package goes to invalid; You many need to compile all invaild objects.




You may need to compile STANDARD package.

Alter package sys.standard compile;

If you not able to compile; take a backup for standard packge/body; Try to create using..

sqplus sys/ @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/standard.sql


Anonymous said...

When you get a ora-06553 pls-213; look at the plsql parameters. If you changed it from interpreted to native, you won't be able to compile the DBMS_packages for STANDARD. If you have set the code_type to NATIVE, set it to INTERPRETED and re-run the standard.sql to recompile. Run catalog.sql and catproc.sql again.

Babu said...

In production box don't touch catalog.sql & catproc.sql

You just recompile sys objects that's enough.