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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Terminating clsd session

Memorial Day and right now I am so busy at work that I haven’t had time to study. I do have a post half way complete on RAC Installation but I can finish that this weekend. So what can I blog about in the meantime?

Well today I have completed Oracle RAC Installation on Windows 2003 SP2. Next month I have a Solaris environment to setup that is RAC. I did 3 Linux ones last month (All Red Hat). What I will do is post through the install and what hiccups I ran into as well as what the gotcha were with each system.

So here we are 1:20  pm at night and I will be trying to get this done throughout the night. I am actually working on 3 posts in parallel. This, VIP Mondification on RAC Nodes, and then a post on some more RMAN Backup jobs. All good stuff. When I finish that I will try and get some more OCM 10g DBA posts up.

Oracle Database 10g CRS Release Production Copyright 1996, 2005 Oracle. All rights reserved.
2010-04-17 13:14:03.875: [ default][2120]Terminating clsd session

After successful RAC Installation on RAC in windows; VIP not able to start in both nodes. 5125957.8 as per metalink node i have done CRS upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2

Now I am trying to upgrade CRS to Once successfully completion I will update you same. 

Thanks.., Fell free to write your comments and feedback.