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Monday, March 30, 2009

ORA-29701: Unable to connect to Cluster Manager

ORA-29701: Unable to connect to Cluster Manager

Every time I would try to start an ASM instance I would get this error:

Today In my ASM environment; When I try to start asm instance i got the below error message.

ORA-29701: Unable to connect to Cluster Manager

This is error releated to cluster manager goes down. We need to start manager using "localconfig add/delete"

1/ Log in as roor user
2/ Set your ORACLE_HOME
3/ execute the below command

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/localconfig delete
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/localconfig add

In Windows

C:\Documents and Settings\Baskar>SET ORACLE_SID=+ASM

C:\Documents and Settings\Baskar>set ORACLE_HOME=f:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1

C:\Documents and Settings\Baskar>%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\localconfig delete
Step 1: stopping local CSS stack
Step 2: deleting OCR repository
successfully deleted local CSS setup

C:\Documents and Settings\Baskar>
C:\Documents and Settings\Baskar>%ORACLE_HOME%\bin\localconfig add
Step 1: creating new OCR repository
Successfully accumulated necessary OCR keys.
Creating OCR keys for user 'baskar', privgrp ''..
Operation successful.
Step 2: creating new CSS service
successfully created local CSS service
successfully added CSS to home

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