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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Automatic Storage Management

What is the ASM (Automatic Storage Management)

- Intrgrated file system and volume manager expressly build for oracle database files.

- ASM Provide performance of raw I/O with easy management of file system.

ASM – Extends the power of oracle managed files. ASM files created and managed automatically by YOU.

One additional feature Mirroring and Striping.

ASM Mirroring more flexible than operating system mirrored disks because ASM mirroring enables the redundancy level.

ASM Mirroring Options

Mirroring Option Description

2-way mirroring Each extent has 1 mirrored copy.

3-way mirroring Each extent has 2 mirrored copies.

Unprotected ASM provides no mirroring. Used when mirroring is provided by the disk subsystem itself.

Dynamic Storage Configuration

- ASM enable you have to change storage configuration without having to take the database offline.

- It’s Automatically rebalance

- If disk failure error occur; ASM automatically rebalance to restore full redundancy

Failure Groups

Failure Groups determine ASM disk that share common potential failure mechanism.

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